National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA) was founded under the belief that with a "team approach" there is a far greater chance for success. NLPA is a legal research & consulting firm which operates nationally. We assist in all areas of criminal cases from pretrial to post-conviction. NLPA also has a network of attorneys licensed both federally and in every state. Therefore, if you need to be referred to counsel, we can help. If you or a loved one is in need of legal assistance, NLPA is here to help.

Often times a state case will turn into a nightmare when the federal government becomes involved and issues an indictment. Considering the endless resources available to the federal government, it leaves a defendant with little hope in believing he can successfully fight (and win) his case. Challenging conspiracy charges can often be very difficult. However, this is exactly where NLPA's assistance began. Since its founding in 1986, NLPA has assisted in thousands of federal cases involving a variety of charges. Whether your case is a drug conspiracy case or bank fraud, NLPA can help.

NLPA offers a number of different levels of assistance for federal conspiracy cases. These services include:


NLPA has two levels of assistance offered at the pretrial stage of a case. NLPA offers assistance both on a direct basis or, through your counsel of record. So, whether your attorney needs assistance in researching and preparing the tremendous number of pretrial motions that be necessary in your case, trial briefs or jury selection or, perhaps you just want to receive information about the federal trial process so that you know you can expect and what you can be discussing with your attorney to better assist him/her in defending your case, NLPA can help.

Often times in federal conspiracy cases, the government may present plea offers. It is important to thoroughly review offers made by the government in a plea agreement to catch any "small print" of things you may be waiving your rights to or agreeing to before you sign your plea agreement. NLPA can also assist your attorney in negotiating the best plea offer if you are considering entering into a plea agreement.

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At the sentencing stage NLPA can assist in a number of ways both directly and through counsel of record. Whether your attorney needs help in preparing the objections to your Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (PSI) and sentencing memorandum or, perhaps you just want to receive information about federal sentencing cases so that you know what to expect and what areas you can be discussing with your attorney to better assist him in defending your case, NLPA can help. NLPA also offers administrative assistance to help with institutional designation to help you in your efforts to be designated to a facility close to your family and loved ones while you serve any time you may receive.

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If you have already been sentenced in your case and are considering an appeal to try to reverse the (likely) astronomical sentence you have received, NLPA also offers assistance at the appeal stage. NLPA's lawyers can work with your attorney to prepare a thoroughly researched appeal brief. We can also assist in the preparation of a final reply brief once the government has responded to the opening brief. NLPA can also assist you and your counsel in appealing your case to the Supreme Court. If you have just begun the appeal stage and do not have counsel to represent you in this undertaking, NLPA can also refer you to attorneys licensed in your jurisdiction who can offer to represent you at a significantly reduced rate.

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If your appeals have been unsuccessful thus far and you are considering pursuing a federal post-conviction motion, NLPA can help you. Many times an appeal may not be successful based upon the issues available in the record that were able to be argued on appeal. However a post-conviction motion is an option that may be your best shot at justice. The issues that can be raised on a post-conviction motion are not limited to those within the record already and, therefore, the ability to present new arguments becomes key. NLPA has become quite experienced in this area of researching a case to determine all issues available. We can also help you to obtain new counsel if you currently do not have an attorney.

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Often times NLPA is contacted by individuals who have already exhausted most of the steps outlined above. Some perhaps even were not aware that those remedies existed and, therefore, did not pursue certain steps available to them. If this is the case, NLPA also offers a case analysis service that may be "just what the doctor ordered". NLPA's case analysis service would involve having our team of attorneys review your entire case to outline options pursued already that were unsuccessful and options still available. In addition to outlining all of these options, NLPA would be able to then determine what your strongest option would be so that you know exactly what needs to be done and is likely to reap the greatest benefit in your case. This evaluation would be sent to an attorney who could then review it with you to come up with your "game plan" in proceeding. If you do not currently have an attorney who could do so, don't despair - NLPA can help to arrange for an attorney who could receive this research and review it with you at no additional cost.

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NLPA's mission is to enhance the defense team. It is important for you to understand that although NLPA is operated and managed by licensed attorneys, NLPA is not a law firm and cannot represent a defendant in court, NLPA cannot directly provide legal advice to non-attorneys, nor can NLPA offer its research services directly to non-attorneys. NLPA's team of research attorneys and paralegals provide cutting edge research and consulting assistance direct to your attorney to help give your attorney the tools he or she needs to help successfully represent you. In order to assist your attorney, Bar Association Regulations require that your attorney expressly authorize NLPA's research assistance before NLPA may provide case specific research and analysis of your case. If you are in need of attorney representation, we are happy to refer you to experienced criminal defense attorneys who often work with NLPA and offer significantly reduced fees.

The bottom line is that affordable help for your sticky situation is much more easily obtained than you think. You do not have to fight the immense powers of the government on your own. NLPA is here to help!

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